Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day~


Its Mother's Day!

Yesterday went out with Vinxi and her bro to Jusco.. it was a last minute decision though.
She wanted to buy her mom a present. Actually i got my mum a present already but it doesnt seem suitable :o
So im saving that 'bread' for Father's Day instead. Hahas..

Anyway, after long hours of looking around Vin Xi finnaly got her mum a bag and i bought a necklace. Dont know if mom likes it or not.

Yesterday night after finish making the box for the necklace i wanted to take the pic.. but my mum kept coming in! Ergh...
I asked Joan for help since her origami skills not bad :p
Made a box out of a magazine cover lol. When money crisis.. DIY things is the best XD

The present ^^

Another week passed, time flies so fast. Holiday gonna end soon oh no :x
But i cant wait to go Penang this friday!! :D My aunty got a free 3 days 2 nights
in a damn royal hotel.. got it in lucky draw.

Here i come chendol, asam laksa, ais kacang! :p

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too long holidays argh!


Ive never complained about holidays before.. like seriously lol.

But when u get too much of holidays its gonna be sickening to stay at home and rot.

But atleast last week i went to Melaka with two of my besties hehe not so boring..

The weird statue,vin xi and me

Mom's not aroundd... kinda miss her. The house seemed quiter without her nagging and no more

invasion to my room haaah.

Im so bored at home!!

Anyone wanna go for yumchar?

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